Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love in Pearl Harbour

December 7, 1941. It was a Sunday morning........

This was description for the one of my favourite and yet meaningful old movie- Pearl Harbour! I love this movie especially the how is the love which develop in that movie. And how to choose between your love one and best buddy. For those of you who never watch, I strongly recommend it and I watched it for 2 or 3 times ^^.

If you watched Pearl Harbour before, certainly you will know Arizona. This picture is Arizona memorial where lots of the U.S. army was sacrificed during the assault of the Japanese in Pearl Harbour. Until today the ship which is under the Arizona Memorial still leaking its oil from the sunken ship at the bottom and they named it "the tears of Arizona".

As the lover of that movie, I certainly won't miss my lifetime opportunity to visit to Pearl Harbour when I was in Honolulu. I still remember that previous night I went to Pearl Harbour, I party hard with my Fijians friends and only manage to sleep for 2 hours back in Hale Manoa (dormitory name) and get my ass of the bed and take the cab to Pearl Harbour.

Pearl Harbour is the strength of the military in Hawaii and it is the history moment of World War II. I can only describe Pearl Harbour in one word which is awesome. I visited some of the ship such Missouri, Bowfin and the Arizona memorial site.

On board of the Bowfin vessel. I don't really recall the ticket, I think is USD 50 for 4 vessel visit.

Not to forget great friends of mine from Fiji Island, Singapore and Malaysia on the board of Missouri where the surrender letter of Japan emperor to the U.S. was signed.

Finally, Popeye the Sailorman! Obviously I am definitely lack of spinach and do listen to your mum to eat spinach next time ya?


  1. Just to let ya know, spinach is actually a myth that a scientist misplaced a decimal in the actual number of iron that the vegetable contains.

    But other than that, cool pics ya got there.. (",)

  2. @Jimmy: Lol. We are all get cheated by the 19th century scientist.