Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why do we travel?

Dear reader,

It always struck me this question Why do we travel? And i think everyone have their own answer and yet it is a journey to find yourself. It is a matter of getting lost and to be found while travelling and I believe everyone have their own destiny and it is important to find the hero within us. Every picture and every single dot has their very own story behind the picture. A lot of people said that the very present moment is what makes life beautiful.

Check this out!
Come across this at New York Times and share with us your travel pictures and tell us why do you travel.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nature is beauty

The first time so close to sea turtle and feel their hard yet lovely shell....

And venture into their little world of ocean discoveries......

Friday, February 19, 2010

A college dropout.........

We now live in the world of black and white and certificate-based world. And we forget the true meaning of education which is to seek for wisdom and knowledge. Everyone seemed to seek for higher education. When you have bachelor, you aim for your master and even phD. But does that mean that we that we will be success in the future?

Well, this guys is a college dropout. Not even earn his earned his bachelor before he was top richest guy in the world.......

But guess what? Does that means that this guys don't know how to study? I seriously doubt that because he scored almost nearly perfect for SAT and get into the world top university Harvard University. But he left Harvard for his higher aim which is "Microsoft".

But indeed what is depressing in Malaysian education is we only study how to memorize things since primary school which actually buried our creative minds.. even in university education system is not good enough, we don't learn to "think" but instead of it we just study blindlessly and is definitely a "dead" education system. How can we produce people who invent facebook, google, yahoo and others great stuff?......

Co-founder of google, Larry and Sergey met and founded google while they pursuing their phD in Stanford University, one of the top university in U.S.

Bunch of good friends from Malaysia and Singapore trying to post in front of the grassland of Stanford......

Although I'm not so excel enough to get into Stanford but I am grateful enough at least I have the opportunity to visit Stanford and meet with the professor and the students there. But too bad not able to see Jerry Yang (yahoo co-founder) and Chris Hughes (facebook co-founder) who are also graduate from Stanford. I never knew that Stanford actually have 16 nobel prize winner until I google it.

Another group picture in front of the Stanford trademark church

Back to the topic, education is suppose to shapen and enhance our mind and creativeness and potential to its fullness and not to buried it. I believe that education helps and guide us find our own way and path........

So, where will you go?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last lecture

Found it on facebook & it's definitely very inspiring. It's a last lecture from Professor from Carnegie Mellon University who is going to die a couple of month after he gave his last lecture.

"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want" ~Dan Stanford~

Here's the link

For more information:-

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love in Pearl Harbour

December 7, 1941. It was a Sunday morning........

This was description for the one of my favourite and yet meaningful old movie- Pearl Harbour! I love this movie especially the how is the love which develop in that movie. And how to choose between your love one and best buddy. For those of you who never watch, I strongly recommend it and I watched it for 2 or 3 times ^^.

If you watched Pearl Harbour before, certainly you will know Arizona. This picture is Arizona memorial where lots of the U.S. army was sacrificed during the assault of the Japanese in Pearl Harbour. Until today the ship which is under the Arizona Memorial still leaking its oil from the sunken ship at the bottom and they named it "the tears of Arizona".

As the lover of that movie, I certainly won't miss my lifetime opportunity to visit to Pearl Harbour when I was in Honolulu. I still remember that previous night I went to Pearl Harbour, I party hard with my Fijians friends and only manage to sleep for 2 hours back in Hale Manoa (dormitory name) and get my ass of the bed and take the cab to Pearl Harbour.

Pearl Harbour is the strength of the military in Hawaii and it is the history moment of World War II. I can only describe Pearl Harbour in one word which is awesome. I visited some of the ship such Missouri, Bowfin and the Arizona memorial site.

On board of the Bowfin vessel. I don't really recall the ticket, I think is USD 50 for 4 vessel visit.

Not to forget great friends of mine from Fiji Island, Singapore and Malaysia on the board of Missouri where the surrender letter of Japan emperor to the U.S. was signed.

Finally, Popeye the Sailorman! Obviously I am definitely lack of spinach and do listen to your mum to eat spinach next time ya?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Love in Waikiki beach

I fall in love with Waikiki beach in Honolulu back in few months ago when i travel to Hawaii. Honolulu is the main city of Hawaii and it's located in the island of Oahu. The first place that must go is the Waikiki beach. Waikiki beach is one of famous tourist destination and I have been hanging around with some of friends when I was in Oahu.Well, Waikiki is pretty much a tourist area with lots of expensive stuff but indeed they do have a lovely beach and absolutely a great place for surfing.

It's definitely a lovely place to go. Sorry for the picture cos I took it with my 5megapixel phone camera & it's not quite clear though.

And also with lots of hot chicks with bikini. ^^

A picture of Christina & me and she is going to come to Malaysia in this year^^

Surfing! You mut try this when you go to Waikiki beach and it costs around USD 40 for a beginner lesson and you'll get an instructor. And seriously do practice hard to swim before you learn to surf cos you need to be a good swimmer.

Look at how big is the surfboard actually are! I have been seen a lot of people in the airport carrying around their surfboard and I am so envy that they can have their own surfboard and surf around the world. Perhaps one day I need to have one of those. And it is not cheap, it costs around USD 500+ and it costs more for those fancy one.

Having great time when we get ourselves into the water in Hawaii and some of my friends claim to saw Humunukuku Apua'a (Hawaiian legendary fish). Seriously, I had been try hard to pronounce it when I pronounce it at first. And the water is so bliss and it's so clear crystal. You will definitely wanna jump into the water when you are near the beach.

A picture of a surfboard at Hawaii beach. I think it match the bush at the back and I just can't describe it. Perhaps it tells a story of a traveller behind it.