Sunday, December 27, 2009

change the world

Well, it's kinda suprise a lot of people for me to blog cos I am usually would just take it for granted and say to myself :" Why waste your time to blog when there is so much stuff to do? Well, after been so many places and see a lot of things hapening around me, I think I should get to blog about piece by piece of my colorful life journey. The other reason to make me start blogging is perhaps due to the quote that inspire me "We life forward but understand it backward". Everything and each step we do today is going to be history. It just a matter of history who makes us today or we are going to make the history for tomorrow.

The moment of history that makes us today: letter of surrender by Japan Empror during World War II. Now in Pearl Harbour but unfortunately I am not the emperor ^^

So, here we are. Are we able to make our own history and change the world?

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